Tailored Content Delivery

MagicINFO Networks custom and advanced middleware Event Trigger solutions elevate targeted audience interaction through specialized recognition sensors that trigger the deployment of product- or customer-centric content based on specific behaviors. The MagicINFO solution’s compatibility with IR, NFC, Barcode and RFID indicators allows you to program content that automatically appears following a customer action, ranging from a personalized welcome message to sales or promotional content connected to a certain product or service. Users also can program certain areas of their screen to adjust with specific customer responses, rather than simply replacing the entire screen.

Register data from events to record what products or marketing material produced the most interest from customers and combine this to PoS data to inform your marketing and product strategies.

Spot Solution

Beyond reactive targeted content delivery, the Spot Solution features state-of-the-art detection technologies to better offer real-time messaging that suits customer needs. A connected 3D camera captures and studies customers’ motions and activities to place relevant content in the areas of greatest visibility. This Spot Solution intelligence enables businesses to better craft and deploy messages that will resonate and inspire customer activity.

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