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With MagicINFO Networks, our clients get a single point of contact to work with. As a Samsung-Certified MagicINFO Partner, we can offer each of our clients full-service Samsung digital signage strategies and solutions. Our teams handle every issue involving your digital signage ecosystem, from CMS and displays, employee training, and even content management. Our MagicINFO Network professionals can even step in and help manage your system for you.

3950 14th Ave, Markham, Ontario    Canada, L3R 0A9

Whether you are a small company just starting up, a brick and mortar retail store, or a large corporation that’s only going to grow more, our experts are here to help. They will work to help your vision be seen, improving digital exposure for new ventures and helping larger companies move smoothly into modern retail and corporate spaces. When you work with MagicINFO Networks, you get a digital signage company that believes in changing the way your company makes its mark on the world.

Digital signage systems get people excited. They engage, inform, and connect both customers and employees. With MagicINFO Networks, businesses across the globe are able to serve people better. And Samsung’s innovative, industry-leading MagicINFO SMART Signage Platform is the key to our clients’ success.

Our mission is to give the user an experience they’ll never forget. Our teams are constantly working to innovate, creating brand new digital signage solutions that reach diverse, valuable audiences while still remaining flexible and cost effective. Reach the people you want with customer interactions that are meaningful.