Virtual Remote

As a content platform that can support both remote hardware and software management, MagicINFO is the only signage solution that allows users to view what is being displayed on-screen live and to have full control over the display. The MagicINFO technology serves as a virtual “remote control”, permitting content managers to change display properties from any location.

Backup Player Redundancy

MagicINFO maintains a consistent content flow at all times, reducing potential interruptions and distractions. The platform allocates priority content to a neighboring secondary display if the primary display goes offline.

Intuitive UI Design

The MagicINFO platform uses an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface within a web browser. It allows for users to adjust content schedules, build playlists and integrate new text or visuals without technical knowledge. Content managers also can receive mobile alerts notifying them of potential performance issues or deployment errors, and work quickly to address them from any location. These convenient benefits ultimately reduce overall content management time and expenses.

Create diverse content

MagicINFO includes a broad library of templates, icons and images, offering greater opportunity for businesses of all types to tailor content for their unique audience needs.